Speak Your Vaginal Truth!🗣🗣


Vagina. Vajayjay. Coin purse. Pussy. Muffin. Your lady parts. Private area. Coochie. Lol, there are hundreds of names for your vagina these days. So many names, yet not enough honest conversations about our vaginas. Yeast infections, lubrication, UTIs, cysts, birth control side effects, discharge, odor, STIs, childbirth, pregnancy, & hygiene. We need to start having more open and honest conversations regarding the previously mentioned. Having these conversations will allow us to better debunk vaginal myths, find out we are not alone in our vaginal struggles and take better care of our oh so sensitive private parts 🙂

Basic vaginal anatomy

Common Vaginal Myths:

  • Loosey Goosey Yes, in 2018 and there are still adults who believe sexual partners will determine the tightness of ones’ vagina. It’s been debunked COUNTLESS times. Don’t take my word for it though see here: Vaginal Tightness TRUTH The look of the labia or “lips” also isn’t indicative of sexual promiscuity either
  • STD/STI’s only happen to “hoes” and “dirty” people. They can happen to anybody. In fact, half of ALL STI cases occur in people under 25 and 1 in 4 cases occur in teens. Honestly, not getting one is low key just a combination of safe sex practices and sheer luck.
    • Demonizing people who have them only serve as a scare tactic that prevents people from getting tested and wanting to find out. This is neither productive nor helpful. Knowing allows for you to get treatment and educated.
    • For more about STD’s/STIs: http://www.iwannaknow.org/statistics/
  • Ugly, weird, or abnormal vaginas. Labias come in as many types as there are people. None are better than the other and none are worse than the other based solely on physical looks
  • Some inner labia, or labia minora, have excess skin and protrude past the labia majora. Some people have very “fatty” labia majora and mons pubis., the “hump” before getting to the “vaginal lips”.
  • If it smells or has discharge something is wrong with you. Discharge is normal however it is important to get familiar with that is normal and what is not when your ovulating it will be clear and slimy
    • generally, discharge is clear/white and minimal
      • chunky paint like white accompanied by foul smell or itchiness is abnormal
      • red/brown is common before or after periods and on birth control with spotting
    • ALL vaginas have some smell. Vaginas smell like vagina not fresh strawberry cake from Ambrosia bakery. I’ll say the vagina has a natural subtle twang and bitter flavor, as far as taste goes, because it’s slightly acidic. Fishy smells are not normal. That is a sign you have an upset vagina.
      • Vaginas have a mind and will of their own
      • Your vagina can be finicky and fickle. Getting to know your vagina is key, but there WILL be times it will do something new and unexpected. Best thing to do is get educated and consult your doctor.
  • Feeling fine means you are fineSTIs/STDs CAN be present with no symptoms get tested every 3-6 months or between sexual partners for your safety and your future partners
  • The panty spot is abnormal
    • You will have discharge in your undies since the vagina is self-cleaning. Mostly every day, but some days more than others. If your partner does not understand this drop them. Educate them if you so please, but that is not your responsibility.
  • Yeast infections are for “dirty” women
    • The unspoken very common and normal vaginal fiend
    • Estimated 75% will have a yeast infection in their lifetime
    • 40-45% will likely have multiple yeasts infections
    • When something happens to tip your vaginal balance, a fungus called candida can grow out of control and cause a yeast infection.
    • Things that can tip the balance: diabetes, hormone changes, douching, soap, sex, antibiotics etcsymptoms: itching, unusual discharge(thick white like cottage cheese), pain or burning when peeing, irritation.

Things we need to start and stop doing involving our vaginas!

  1. START getting familiar with your vagina sexually, visually, with the odor, and amount and type of dischargeIt’s good to know whats your usual and whats not. So when there is some funny business going on you’ll be able to identify it
    • Sexually is a frequently dismissed. Know how to make yourself orgasm! Masturbating should be done by everyone who is able!
  2. STOP SHAMING START EDUCATING OUR FELLOW SISTERS. Ones vaginal health is a very sensitive topic and shaming never has positive effects on an individual you peep someone is struggling with pungent vaginal odors don’t make fun of them. As women, we’re all we got. Be a sister and help educate her on possibilities and routes for handling that. You never know someone’s background so don’t judge! Medical referrals for a trusted gynecologist are helpful as well
    • just bringing it to her attention can be helpful. There are people that can not smell themselves and are generally unaware.
    • home remedies to alleviate symptoms (that are researched)
  3. STOP using products besides saliva, natural vaginal moisture, and water-based lubricants for lube. Common causes for infections are the fault of the products used!
    • Redness, irritation, swelling, itching, discharge, and foul odors are common symptoms of vaginal irritation
  4. STOP using home remedies all the time for treatmentI love my apple cider vinegar soaks, adding water to my diet, tea tree oil, and cranberry pills but understand these generally treat symptoms not the underlying cause.
    • When the vagina is in serious disarray there is no harm in scheduling an appointment with your Gynecologist or ER if its serious enough.
  5. START investing in your vaginal health. Seeing a doctor regularly is KEY
    • Nobody likes doctor bills or the hassle of appointments, but vaginal health really is too important to play with. They have loads of free services offered and Medicaid is saving my life right now.
  6. The vagina is SELF CLEANING STOP using all kinds of products in it/around it. This is a common cause for severe vaginal irritation. If you have questions about using a product google use articles with credible sources and your doctor, although if you have to ask you probably shouldn’t use it.
    • Once irritation occurs stop using products IMMEDIATELY
  7. START wearing COTTON UNDERWEAR. The silks, fancy undies, stringy undies, beaded undies, decorated undies are for special occasions! You can be cute with cotton! Cotton is best for the vagina it allows it to get some “breathing room”
    • Other underwear can allow for bad bacteria to prosper and cause yeast infections
  8. START wearing bottoms in your correct size. Strangling your vagina is only going to cause more or start causing vaginal irritation. Let that baby breath some! All jokes aside.
  9. Start wiping from FRONT to BACK. The anus and fecal matter is FILLED with bad bacteria that should not head towards your vagina so wipe away from it towards your crack
    • When I wipe after defecating I wet the tissue and suggest doing the same to reallllllyyy get that anus good. No “debris” left over.

Time to be HONEST!

  • Vaginal dryness isn’t as uncommon as we might think. I know everybody loves to stress having a super wet soaky soak, but let’s be real that isn’t always the case. Vaginal dryness can stem from products you may use(soaps, sprays, menstrual products), emotional state, how comfortable you are with your partner, diet, smoking, and some days are just “off days” annoyingly to say.
    • It’s OKAY! You aren’t going to be a slip and slide all the time. Keep some plain water-based lubricant for sexual activity just in case, in your bedside drawer. If your partner shames you for using lube drop them. Educate them if you so wish, but that’s not your responsibility.
  • Bacterial Vaginosis is the overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. (COMMON) among women of childbearing age. It is NOT an STI/STD Cause: activities that change the balance of bacteria in the vagina. Can be induced by intercourse or douching.
    • Symptoms: in some cases no symptoms. In other cases, there may be abnormal vaginal discharge, itching, or odor.
    • Treatment can include prescription cream, gel, or medication
  • Orgasmssssssss: Not reaching an orgasm solely through vaginal intercourse is common. Learn your body and what it likes. Explore yourself and explore with a trusted understanding partner
    • Stop settling for not being completely satisfied ladies! Stop sleeping with men who aren’t concerned with your sexual satisfaction and think sex is something you do to somebody versus do with somebody

#SpeakYourVaginalTruth: thoughts and comment from my followers and friends

“I only use one type of soap on my [vaginal area] or it breaks me out in horrible rashes. I had to learn the hard way. Back in high school when I started buying my own personal stuff I gave myself a horrible rash that scared me half to death I had to buss it open for my momma to look at”

“I’m one female who was the vagina that’s sensitive. Not just sensitive to touch, but to the material, meds, bathing products, & even certain foods I eat. I try to watch what I use and how I use them. I even stick to the same products its easy to throw off my PH balance, get yeast infections, or an increase in vaginal bacteria. I stick to what I know works and keeps me healthy and whoever I’m sexually active with I want to keep him informed and educated on changes in the female body. It’s not always about STIs and STDs. “

“It’s the least talked about subject, so I’m glad to share. It’s so much that people, mostly men, need to learn to be open about.”

“My vaginal truth is that these niggas are going to get whatever vagina I have to offer them at the time! Whether it be hairy, or a little tart from the day! And I’m just fine with how it looks. I’m a little insecure about the scaring in that area because of a lifelong skin condition, but honestly, I’m starting to not genuinely care because a lot of people are misinformed about vaginas. I’m dealing with a virgin and he low key made me feel insecure about my smell and taste, but really its because he has unreal expectations of what a vagina is supposed to smell and taste like so that’s more him than me.”

“I’ve gotten UTIs since I was a baby and was in the hospital for 2 weeks when I was an infant from a UTI. I can’t believe how many people said “‘not to all”‘ I am jealous haha. I appreciate you bringing awareness cause there’s a lot of women out here completely lost. I met a girl who was douching with 5 bottles of peroxide at a time. I was literally speechless…”

#MyVaginalTruth is that I have very very thin perineum skin. that’s the “gooch” or the skin between my vagina and my anus. It’s so thin sometimes I have tears during intercourse and it can be very frustrating. I tore so badly recently I had to go to the ER to get it checked out. I really lived a real-life episode of sex sent me to the ER. My doctor even asked had I had kids because my skin was so thin and tore so easily. It’s something I am working with. I just have to be careful when getting my back broke is all 😉 lol

polls from my blog showed:

  • When it came being self-conscience about the overall look of the labia around half of the women fell into being either extremely, moderately, or somewhat felt that way.
  • Around 42% experienced issues with vaginal odors
  • When it came to STD/STI testing around 25% said often, around 20% said moderately, around 24% said somewhat, and 31% said not at all
  • Around 30% said they struggled somewhat with vaginal lubrication
  • Around 47% said they had a regular gynecologist or received gynecological services. Around 21% said they were looking for one and 32% said no they did not have one.
  • Majority of the women who responded said they had either an extremely, moderately, or somewhat sensitive vagina.
  • Those who did/do not get tested said they didn’t because50% Scared to know
    • 25% I feel fine
    • 25% Didn’t know where to start

I challenge you as a reader to take one piece of advice from this blog an apply it to your life! I also challenge you to get tested! Whether at your local free clinic or at your regularly scheduled doctors.

I’d like everyone to please share this blog and get a bit more interactive! After reading, post this entry to your social media and hashtag #SpeakYourVaginalTruth! If you’d like to add anything feel free to do so below or on social media! I have a feeling this could become a very needed and active wave, but it starts with you! Once again, spreading knowledge, love, experiences, and understanding with 50ShadesofHumanity!


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